Tuesday, July 10, 2012

ISTE 2012: Moodle & Google Together

Perfect Marriage: Harnessing the Partnership of Google Apps and Moodle
Presenters: Christina McKinnis, Sarah McFarland, Visions in Education
smcfarland@viedu.org, cmkinnis@viedu.org
*See https://sites.google.com/a/viedu.org/google/ for more Educational Training

Moodle is a LMS.  It is like the trunk of the tree; the foundation that parents and students go to.  We then need to use it to link out to everything Google.  Moodle is where things are organized; Google Docs presentations, forms, surveys, sites, etc. are where we go from there.

The Power of Moodle

  • Curriculum repository: learning guides, pacing guides, how-tos, project instructions, etc.  
  • Uploading all of your documents into Moodle is dangerous because backing up Moodle every night would be a nightmare!  Instead, link your Google Docs to Moodle and to your website (using Google makes it easy--you update once and it updates everywhere!).

The Power of Google
  • Student assignments
    • Teachers can comment on mistakes, etc. and teachers and students can audio conference or SKYPE to pull up the document and look at it at the same time while modifying together (instead of having multiple copies going back and forth).
  • Curriculum
    • Linking to Google Docs keeps all projects in one place.  Hyperlinking from Moodle to Google Docs is much easier to manage (especially if you’re putting curriculum on a website AND on Moodle! Stop doing twice the work!)
    • Google Docs can be very dynamic!  It can look or feel like a webpage, and you can even link to places further down in the document like you would for a web site.
  • Resources
    • How to name documents should be a decision that is made as a site, department, etc. and taught to students as well.  Organization is key!
    • Google Forms can be used like Survey Monkey, as well as for sign ups, evaluations for teachers, courses, etc. and reports can be created via spreadsheets.  
    • Google Forms can be used for contact information, homework help, tutoring programs, etc. (A Google Form can be set up in a website and as soon as students/parents sign up for contacts, an e-mail is sent and help is provided.  Tutors, teachers, and admin can track these contacts to collect data about failing or struggling students.  Could be especially helpful for summer school, students who are out sick, etc.)
      • “View”-->”Summary of Responses”-->Provides a graphical overview of the data from your form.
      • Could be used as a scantron for test practice--Flubaroo can help with this.  Ex: CAHSEE released test questions.
  • Collaboration
    • Presentation templates can be found online where teachers can access them
    • Students can do a Google presentation or Prezi instead of a Power Point.  It is more engaging, dynamic, and online all the time.

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