Monday, January 16, 2012

Blogger in Google Apps

“Blogger” is one of the primary, free, and powerful blogging tools available to all web users.  Google provides the Blogger feature to all VUSD Google Apps domain users. It is at our fingertips.

What is a blog? It is any reflective writing, posts, journal entries, thoughts, or ideas, for your private use or else shared with friends and peers or the world if you wish.  

How may it be used in a school setting? It can be used to create quick writes, reflections, essays, notes, etc. It can be a rich literacy medium for students and a great tool to for communication for teachers.

Give it a try!

Log in into the VUSD domain: and navigate to a module like mail.  From there go to the menu “More”

and select the Blogger module:
Selecting Blogger will take you to a re-verification - your user name should be in the email filed and all you have to do is put in the Password 

The example being used below is This normally would be the actual email of the individual as well as his or her proper name. 

The Display name is something you wish to use for identifying your blogs

Now you can create a New Blog:

You will get:

The Title is the title of the blog, it can be anything you desire. As an example:

The Address however MUST BE UNIQUE. Note above that it says “Sorry this blog address is not available.” and the one below has a check mark and says “This blog address is available.” Try to keep this short and meaningful and do not to use spaces in the Address:
You can select a Template, however if you are just starting, a suggestion is to use “Simple” you can always change the template later as your blog and confidence grows!
Your blog is ready! Select the pencil to create a new post:

Write! You are ready to create your first post!

You can write as well as insert images, etc. as shown below:

Now you are ready to publish: 

The summary comes up showing your first blog - remember you could have many blogs! This is just your first one. To see your blog click on “View Blog”

Here is the first blog entry!

It is recommended that the blog you created have the ability to receive comments - but they must be moderated - you have control as to what people post as comments on your blog.  

Here is how you wrap it up - go to Design at the top menu and change the Settings.

When you go back to the design you will select Settings select Posts & Comments and change them as shown below: Who can comment? User with Google Accounts, Comment Moderation? ALWAYS

Save your settings. That is it!  If you wish to share your blog with others just give them the blog web address:
If you wish to have a Google Docs copy of these instructions click HERE!